Friday, July 16, 2004

Who And Where Is God??

I was raised in the Catholic Church. As a child, I attended Mass (Catholic Church service) one or more times a week. On Sundays with my parents, on Holy Days, and once a week as part of the curriculum in the Catholic School that I attended. I did not question the existence of God or the other beliefs of the Church. After leaving home, I continued to attend Church fairly regularly. Eventually, however, I began to look around and to question things. I did not so much question the beliefs of the Catholic Church versus other churches, I began to question the main belief of all churches, the belief in God.

Looking around the world, it is difficult to believe in the existence of God, at least the God spoken of in the Bible and preached about in so many churches every Sunday. Where is there any evidence of a kind, loving and just God. Certainly not on this earth. How can one say that God loves everyone when some people have all that they need or want and so many millions of others have nothing. You can argue that money and possessions are not everything but it certainly helps not to be homeless or starving to death or even living paycheck to paycheck with no idea where money for retirement or the kid’s college education will come from. How can one say that God loves everyone when a handful of people that he supposedly loves hijack planes and use them to kill thousands of other people that he supposedly loves. I just don’t see any love there at all. Look at how many wars have been fought and people murdered in the name of God. The Christians launched their Crusades against the Muslims and others in the name of God. Now the Muslims are fighting jihad against the Jews and Christians…in the name of the same God!!! And we still have people who proclaim that their religion is "the only true religion". No, this alleged God cannot possibly exist. It makes absolutely no sense to me.

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