Tuesday, July 13, 2004


I am not racist or prejudiced....I hate everybody.

I hate white people and black people
I hate Asians and Latinos.
I hate men and women.
I hate anyone else who does not fall into one of these categories.

I hate old people and young people.
I hate children and infants.

I even hate God (if he really exists).
I would give in a D-minus on this world as a science project if I were his teacher.
He really screwed up.

Why do I hate everybody? Because everybody hates me.
No one cares how I feel.
No one cares how their actions affect me.
If someone knows that something they are doing bothers me, they just do it more.

If it were in my power I would kill everyone on earth including myself.

I just had to write this down. It has been bottled up inside me for a long time.

Originally written in a very bad mood on July 5, 2000
and re-affirmed many times thereafter. No offense intended to anyone in particular.

This is Shack at his worst. Fortunately he only feels this way
a small percentage of the time.

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