Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Shack's Sayings

"Everything my father ever said was right...too bad I didn't realize it until I was 38..."

I've made a lot of mistakes in my life because I didn't listen to my dad. I have begun to correct some of them; however, some cannot be corrected because it would have too profound an effect on other people, including my loved ones. These I will just have to live with and make the best of....

I never really fit in or had any friends. I've done a lot of things in my life to try to fit in somewhere, including changing what church I went to. None of them worked. I've come to realize that I will probably never fit in anywhere and will probably never have any friends...

I wonder about God...whether or not there really is one. I look at this world and what goes on and ask "how can a God who is supposedly perfect, loving and just create such a dump (this world) which is totally unjust and filled with millions of jerks and jackasses. If I were god I would destroy the world right now.

"Do not rely on other people for happiness. You must choose to be happy, figure out what brings you happiness and do the things that bring you happiness. As long as it does not interfere with someone else's happiness, it is ok."

"Men are from Mars; women are from Venus,
but little brown men come from Uranus."

"I love the snow; so sad to see it go;
I hate spring and I hate summer even mo'."

"Men may be from Mars, but women aren't from Venus...
they're from Gabon (get it...gab-on?)"
(If you don't know where Gabon is, get out a globe and look around in Africa).
"The ones who aren't from Gabon are from Yap"
(This time look in the Pacific, east of the Philippines)

Shack's version of the golden rule:
"Do unto others as you have been done unto."

"It's good to be a pessimist. Expect things to go wrong and then
be pleasantly surprised whan they go right. This is better than
expecting things to go right and then being upset when they go wrong."

"I've got a long way to go and a short time to get there...
...so get the %$&* outta my way!!!"

"Life never gets any better. Sometimes its the same old shit...
other times it's new and different shit...but shit is still shit!!"

"There will never be peace in this world until the last human being is dead"

"Today's children live in a fantasy world of video games, computer games,
websites, IM's and e-mail. They have no idea what reality is. And I'm not
talking about all those stupid television shows either"

" I can neither confirm nor deny my existence, nor that of anyone else.
You might be a figment of my imagination; I might be a figment of yours."

"You can tell that your child is a teenager when every sentence that they speak
starts with "dude!..like you know..." "

"The train is leaving the station....git on board or git runned over"

"Do not expect perfection from anything or anyone; if you do, you will be disappointed. But strive for perfection within yourself so as not to disappoint yourself or anyone else"

"The secret to happiness is wanting what you have"

"The hardest thing about raising kids is getting those stupid car seats buckled in right!"

"There used to be a lot of open space in Texas, but George Bush put it all between his ears and took it to the White House."

"Putting a Windows operating system into a Macintosh computer is like putting a Ford engine into a Chevy Truck. It's just plain wrong. And you're ruining a perfectly good product."

(This one is dedicated to my teenage son, LittleShack2) "Everything I need to know I learned from a video game".

"We do not really own anything. We come into this world with nothing. We can take nothing when we leave. We really only borrow things for the short time that we spend here."

"The two worst things in the world are cold coffee and warm beer!"

Check back on this entry...new sayings added occasionally.

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