Friday, July 16, 2004

Time For A Consumer Uprising!!

The average consumer in this country is getting screwed. Anyone who does not own a business, run a company (especially an oil company) or play professional sports is in big economic trouble. The "little guy", the one who works for someone else and pretty much lives paycheck to paycheck is who I am talking about here. Gas prices are going WAY up. Milk prices are going WAY up. The cost of health care and insurance is going WAY WAY WAY up!!!! But are our paychecks going up? NO!!! While owners of businesses and companies can "pass on" these cost increases, who are they passing them on to?? YOU...ME...US!!! The lowly, bottom-feeding consumer that has no one else to "pass on the cost" to! Every time I hear the phrase "the cost will be passed on to the comsumer", what I am really hearing is "you will be screwed some more". My budget is like a sponge that has been wrung dry, but the oil companies, health insurance companies and others are still squeezing even harder. I have almost had to drop my health insurance because of the huge increase in premium and decrease in benefits this year. I am sure many of you readers have no health insurance because you can't afford it. Meanwhile, many of the good jobs in this country, the ones with good pay and benefits, have been shipped overseas. Nothing is being done about the health care crisis and the price of gas continues to go up a dime a gallon a week even as the greedy oil companies rake in huge profits. There are only so many things that can be stripped from one's budget. We still need to eat, live somewhere, be clothed, and in most cases, unfortunately, drive a car. Things are going downhill and I see no end in site. So lets have a nationwide uprising!! Lets kick these rich jackasses who have no idea what living paycheck to paycheck is like out of govenment and put someone in there who will do something for us!! Who's with me???

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