Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Honor Our Veterans

Friday November 11 is Veterans' Day. While many of us do not agree with our nation's foreign policy or with the military operations of the past 4 or 5 decades as well as current military operations, the soldiers and veterans deserve our honor and respect. They have made and continue to make huge sacrifices. In the past they have fought for our freedom and the freedom of other people around the world. More recently, many of us do not know what they are fighting for. While we may disagree with the reasons that they are in battle, they still deserve our support, honor and respect. Our disagreement with policy and military operation should be directed at our political leaders and not at our veterans and current soldiers. It is sad that this day will be no different than any other day of the majority of people in this country. Some government and bank employees will have the day off; the rest will go to work our school as usual and probably think nothing of it. So let's all do something special on Friday. If you know a veteran, thinak him or her for the sacrifices that he or she has made. If you know a family of a currently deployed soldier, do something special for them. And if you disagree with out current military operations, send some letters to out political leaders expressing your displeasure.