Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Which One Is Lying?

Last night I saw back-to-back ads on TV for Santorum and Casey. The ad for Santorum said Casey voted for amnesty for illegal aliens. The ad for Casey said Santorum voted for amnesty for illegal aliens. Is one of them lying? OK, maybe they both voted for amnesty, but what point are they trying to make if that is the case? Which liar should I vote for?

In another campaign, the ad says "we need someone who will reform Harrisburg...Not Lynn Swan" There are 2 problems with this one. First of all, if not Lynn Swan, then who? (the ad didn't specifically say). The second problem is that the ad states that Harrisburg (still) needs to be reformed. So that means Eddy hasn't accomplished anything in his first term (even though it was Eddy's ad saying this).

So here is Shack's method of voting:
Catch a liar by the toe
If he lies too much tell him to go
Might as well vote for just any old Joe.