Friday, July 16, 2004

Quit Your Gripin', Ya Frickin' Iraqis!!!!

The Iraqis are upset about how we have treated some of their prisoners. Certainly what was done to the prisoners is wrong; I will not dispute that. But look what they do to our people! Every day, one or more of our people get shot, bombed or whatever. And it is not always soldiers that this is happening to, but just as often civilians that are trying to work over there to rebuild the country. Look what they did a few weeks ago when that car was bombed and burned and then they hung the corpses from a bridge and celebrated! Now they behead someone "in retaliation". They treat us like that, they have nothing to complain about with how we treat them! So they should all just shut up, put down their guns and let us finish what we are doing and get out so that they will be happy. We will not get out of there any faster if they are going to shoot, bomb and behead our people!

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