Monday, February 04, 2008

Hillary Healthcare; Another Unfunded Mandate?

One of Hillary Clinton's big campaign items is the idea of universal health insurance. When I first heard of this I was thinking of the sort of universal health care they have in Canada. But a closer listen reveals that she is talking about universal heath insurance. Basically everyone will be required to have insurance. OK now who is going to pay for that? The main reason people don't have health insurance is that they can't afford it. Now they're going to be required to have it? And even for some people who do have's pretty much worthless anyway. Just look at mine. I paid thousands of dollars in premiums last year and still have thousands of dollars in medical bills, so basically I didn't get jack shit for the money I paid in. The same thing is happening this year. I really feel that I would be better off without it, and probably some of these other people would too. If I had saved all the money I had paid in premiums I might actually be able to afford my medical bills.

So Sayeth The Shack


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