Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Animals Come Before People--Again!!

5-legged cat to have surgery, then foster care to recuperate

The Associated Press

"A cat born with five legs will soon be a three-legged feline ready for adoption.
The cat, named Babygirl, will undergo surgery Wednesday near Pittsburgh to remove the extra leg and the crippled rear left leg to which it is attached.....The cost of the $1,600 surgery will be paid for by donations....." (color added for emphasis)

Whose gonna donate money to pay for my family's medical bills ??!!! People will give money to fix a freakin' 5-legged cat but what about a person??!! Where are the priorities in this world??!!
Right now as far as I'm concerned the frickin' cat can spend its whole life hopping aroud on 5 legs! I hate cats anyway....they puke and pee all over everything and they make me itch!!!!

So Sayeth The Shack


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