Saturday, February 02, 2008

Here Is One Smart Dude

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Homemade bombs found in Tyrone

Three homemade bombs were found Friday on railroad tracks near the American Eagle Paper Mill in Tyrone, police report.

A man told borough police he was walking along the tracks at around 12:30 p.m. when he noticed what appeared to be improvised explosive devices made of cardboard, black powder and newspaper, police report.

The man took the devices, which were the size of road flares, to his home where he called police.

Officers secured the devices in a steel box at the scene and notified the Pennsylvania State Police Explosives Disposal unit from Hershey to dispose of the bombs.

An investigation is ongoing, and there are no suspects, police report.

The FBI, Norfolk Southern Railroad and Nittany and Bald Eagle Railroad were notified of the incident.

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That's real smart....taking the bombs home with him....he could have been blown up!!!!!

So Sayeth The Shack


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