Sunday, October 14, 2007


In the past few years there has been a great increase in the number of products that supposedly kill germs. Of course Lysol has been around pretty much forever. Then came antibacterial soap. Then antibacterial hand creme (for when there is no water). Now there are antibacterial cleaning products....for your kitchen, bathroom, etc. Has anyone come out with antibacterial laundry soap yet? But this next one really got me....antibacterial glass cleaner! Do I really care if there are germs on my windows??

All of these products claim that they kill 99.X percent of germs. Sounds nice and clean and sanitary and what a good housekeeper should be using to protect themselves and their children from those awful scary germs. But is this really a good idea? If we wipe out nearly all the germs, our immune systems won't have anything to fight against, so they will weaken and lose their purpose. Then the leftover (100-99.X) percent of the germs that weren't killed will gang up on us and wipe us all out!! So let's go easy on those germs. Yeah they might make us sick now and then, but overall they are sort of our friends.

So Sayeth The Shack


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Jeni said...

Now, if someone could come up with an antibacterial product that would prevent little kids from dragging a cold home two days after starting school and infecting all but the real hypochondriac in the family with the darned thing, I'd definitely have a go at that product, big time. We've all been fighting this goofy cold-like sinus infection that then drops down into the broncial tubes and really does a number on you. Plus, since I am the babysitter for the two little ones here, I'm really doggone tired of cleaning green goppy noses every time I look at either of them!