Monday, October 01, 2007

Comcast And The Big Ten Network

First of all, I would like to thank my cable provider, D & E Communications, for quietly adding the Big Ten Network, along with several other stations, to their lineup without (at least so far) raising the rates.
But mostly, I would like to berate Comcast for running an ad that says "There are some fans that want to watch the extra games....the Big Ten Network offers. And there are countless others who don't want to pay the added watch programming they don't want". Come on, Comcast, you more than anyone should know that it doesn't work that way. No cable or satellite provider offers a la carte programming. We are all, no matter who our provider is, forced to subscribe to channels we don't want in order to get channels that we do want. If I want Channel B, I have to get Channel A and C along with it, even if I never watch them. I actually know people who refuse to subscribe to cable TV at all because they would have to pay for things they won't be watching. I don't even know how many channels I have available now, but I probably only ever watch half of them. Comcast, I'll bet you have a bunch of channels on your system that less than 50 percent of your subscribers watch with any regularity.
Why should the Big Ten Network be different? Not every subscriber will watch it any more than every subscriber watches the Soap Network or the Home Shopping Network. Yet they are on your system. So stop the arguing; stop depriving fans of their precious PSU sports, and put the channel in your lineup.

So Sayeth The Shack

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Jeni said...

Well, I know one thing for sure John, I have both the Home Shopping Network and the Soap network through our cable and never watch either one - nor do I ever bother is any of the ESPN networks -unless Penn State is playing and they are the ones broadcasting that game! So, for me, I'd love to have the Big Ten network to be able to watch the games and if it were possible to do the ala carte thing, I'd gladly trade the Home Shopping and Soap for the Big Ten Network anyday -even if the amount of time I would spend viewing that channel would be very limited. Doesn't Penn State have a finger in this pie too ultimately - money flowing back to them from the broadcasts too? I dunno there.
But especially in the central PA region, I'd bet my bottom dollar I'm not the only person who feels this way about this Big Ten mess.