Friday, January 25, 2008

Freezing In the House

I read a comic strip recently that got me thinking about something. One person was cold and wanted the other to turn up the heat, but was told to put on a sweater instead. So she asked why in this age of being so technologically advance we have to keep our homes so cold (because we can't afford to heat them)?

I remember when I was young, everyone's home was nice and warm in the winter. Not like now when most people keep their homes in the 60s. It's not so much by is that we can't afford to keep them warmer. So if we are so advanced why can't we develop some new methods of heating and thurn that thermostat up. Or bring back the coal furnaces. There's still plenty of that stuff around.

So Sayeth The Shack



Anonymous said...

Why burn coal from a strip mine when you can put on a sweater?

The Shack said...

I'd rather burn coal from a strip mine and have it warm enough to walk around the house naked! :)