Saturday, November 03, 2007

This One's A "Duh"!

So one of the headlines in today's newspaper said "Fewer Poor Students At Penn State". On another page was the headline "Room, Board Costs to Rise". Gee, ya think they're related? And I'll bet I can find a story in the same section about gas prices being over 3 dollars a gallon (along with the latest excuse from the oil companies).

It doesn't take too many brains...not even a college education figure out with the skyrocketing cost of college, poor people can't afford to go there. They can barely afford to go to work given the price of gas.

These are 2 of the factors that will bring about The Crash as described in my post from last week.

So Sayeth The Shack


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Jeni said...

I did see the article about rising costs of tuition/board at Penn State but missed the other piece you mentioned. Was it available in the online version or only in the print?
And yes, that certainly is a "DUH" headline and article, isn't it?