Thursday, May 10, 2007

No More Sperm Donations!

The other article in today's paper that I found interesting was one where a sperm donor was required to pay child support for his progeny. According to the article, this man helped a lesbian couple conceive two children. After the couple split up, he was required to pay child support! Wow! if that won't cut down on sperm bank donations I don't know what will!

So what will they think of next? I suppose if I donate blood which saves someone's life, I might be found liable to pay their taxes? Helping people is a dangerous thing in this day and age.

So Sayeth The Shack

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Jeni said...

Ok, now I'm taking back water, as the old expression goes. This one has to be the topper of all for being illogical! One of the things that seemed to be a draw for the sperm banks was that there were no child support strings to be attached and here comes this law suit! Granted, it is against the donor's estate -or his social security survivor's benefits, whatever! And, by the way, what constitutes a "home insemination" anyway - having a veterinarian perform the service maybe? I dunno there! LOL