Monday, February 05, 2007

A Super Yawn

Wow! I haven't had a more boring Sunday evening in a long time! Of course I'm talking about the Super Bowl. The game itself was unexciting. After the first few posessions by the Bears, it was pretty much dullsville. The commercials were not all that great, either. And could they have found a worse halftime performer? I could not understand a word he (and I use that term loosely....more like an of the ugliest things I've ever seen on stage) sang, or shouted or screamed or whatever he was doing. It was more like a bunch of noise. He gets paid for that? I could get up on stage and make a bunch of racket too. At least they had someone decent for the National Anthem so it didn't get murdered like it usually does. And it was pouring the whole game, so where were the wet cheerleaders? Come on guys! At least next Sunday it'll be back to Desperate Housewives.

So Sayeth The Shack

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Jeni said...

Hard to believe perhaps, but I actually forgot all about the Super Bowl being on this past Sunday. It never even registered on my radar screen till the news came on late Sunday night. Boy, I am getting old - and very senile too.