Thursday, February 15, 2007

DST About Money, Not Energy

This year, daylight savings time will begin a few weeks earlier and end a few weeks later than in the past, plunging early risers back into darkness and offering some extra light to the night owls.

The government claims that this is an energy-saving measure but I fail to see how any energy is saved. If it is dark for an extra hour in the morning we will use lights in the morning rather than in the evening. So where is the savings? Plus school kids will be heading to school or to bus stops in the dark for a time. I remember back in the 70s where we had year-round daylight savings time for a year. It was pitch dark going to school in the winter. Not exactly the safest thing.

I really think this is all about money. I think merchants and restaurant owners want the extra daylight in the evening so that people are more inclined to go shopping or out to eat after work, thereby spending money and increasing their business. I think these people have secretly lobbied congress to extend daylight savings time for several weeks. Energy has nothing to do with it.

So Sayeth The Shack

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