Sunday, February 11, 2007

Poor Anne Nicole

So some real rich and famous person died a few days ago. Wow! Big deal! As far as I know, Every person who has ever lived on this earth, who is currently living, or who has yet to live, either has died or will die. It is pretty much inevitable. So why make such a big deal about it? Oh Yeah...she was rich, famous, a big celebrity. Wow! I think her death has gotten more coverage than that of former president Ford (which I also thought was excessive). Should I lower my flag to half staff? Maybe I should lower my underwear to half staff.

Don't get me's sad that she died, especially at such a young age, but does there really need to be so much hoopla about it? I'm sure that when I die, no more than 3 people will know about it...a bit shy of the entire planet.

Oh and the big thing...she was depressed? Maybe on drugs? Wow! I think if I had as much money as she did, I would be able to keep from being depressed. They say money doesn't buy happiness, and she is a prime example. Nevertheless I think I would be just a bit happier if I weren't always running out of paycheck before I ran out of month.

So Sayeth The Shack

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Jeni said...

True enough John - money doesn't buy happiness and especially not if one is clinically depressed. But it will buy a whole lot of drugs - legal or illegal - and it also buys one a private duty nurse to oversee whether one is over-indulging perhaps in some things one should be indulging in to begin with - so maybe something went awry there. Depressed or not, I know I certainly would be a lot happier though if I had more money than month all the time - for sure!