Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Octuplet Scam

So this woman that had the octuplets, along with all her other kids, apparently is just trying to make some kind of celebrity of herself. She has a publicist and a website. (Wonder who is paying for those). She even has the audacity to be using the website to ask for donations! And supposedly she has received death threats. While the death threats, if they have indeed occurred (note my skepticism) cannot be condoned, I have to say that anyone who actually donates money to this woman via her website is an idiot. This is all just a big scam to get money and noteriety. The next thing we know she'll be showing up on "The View" and whatever other talk show she can weasel her way on to.

So Sayeth The Shack


Anonymous said...

Last Friday, TMZ photographed her getting her regular taxpayer subsudized manicure. Then she ate at a local diner - then went to a toy store and bought her kids a Wii and some games. If she were really afraid for her safety, would she be out getting her nails done!

The Shack said...

Well she needs some nice sharp nails to defend herself against those who are threatening her life, right? HAHAHA!