Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Hate (Love) My Job

Ever hate something and love it at the same time? That is how I feel about my job right now.

Regular readers know what I do and where I do it so I won't get into that. Besides it could be most any job.

I was never too keen on the "new system" my company went to a couple of years or so ago, but recently it has gotten worse. In early December, a couple of positions were cut from the shift I work on and the work was "redistributed". And I'll tell you right where it all went: to me! So now I am doing not only what I used to do but also what two other people used to do. And I only have the same amount of time to do it that I had before. This is an enormous amount of work to be responsible for and I m also expected to get everything right. Some days it doesn't bother me too much, but other days it does, and this is one day when it bothered me a lot. So I just had to write it down, shout it from the highest hill: I hate my f-ing job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I have to say that at the same time, I love my job....sort of anyway. In a time when it seems tens of thousands more people are losing their jobs every day, I have to say that I am at least somewhat happy to still be employed. Because if I weren't, I'd have nowhere to live and nothing to eat. It's just that on some days, like today, I'd rather be a trash collector.

So Sayeth The Shack

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Jeni said...

Oh man, John! That sucks! Since I DO know where you work and know a lot too about what much of your job entails, you really do have my utmost sympathy!
But also, knowing you and your love too for the subject matter involved in your job, yes I can also understand how you are in a big love/hate situation now.
Come to think of it, I frequently felt the same way on many occasions while I worked there too.