Monday, November 24, 2008

Wonder How Much He Paid

According to the news reports, Penn State football coach Joe Paterno underwent hip replacement surgery yesterday and all was successful. That's great.

But I'm just wondering how much he had to pay for it, out of pocket. I'm willing to bet he didn't have to pay one red cent. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that any college or pro football player who has to be treated for injuries don't have to pay any of their own money for it, even though they can well afford it a lot more so than us regular folks.

I have nothing against Joepa, or any other football player or coach for that matter. I am just saying this because of how I feel about our society's treatment of athletes and celebrities, which you already know from reading some of my other writings. They get all the money and glamour while those of us who do the "real work"of the world struggle to get by. I still owe the hospital a ton of money from last year that I'm paying off bit by bit. And it just irks me that these people have all the money and special treatment just because they play football.

So Sayeth The Shack

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Jeni said...

Boy, how true that is about care and costs and the variances between who gets away free or dirt cheap and who gets hammered with the expenses of the health care needed. A few years back, when I had NO insurance whatsoever, the charges to me for 1 x-ray and an injection for the pleursy I was diagnosed with -$240. Another er trip garnered me a bill for $3,300 -for a cat scan -a couple years later. Fortunately for me, my insurance and medicare now work quite well together so I only end up with co-pay of $15 to $25 for doctor fees and tests. E.R. visits are a $50 co-pay. First time in many, many years that I have insurance that is actually pretty decent!