Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back Again, Or Still Here

Just a quick post for now to let you know that I am still alive and have not abandoned the blog. Have been enjoying the summer and doing some things with the ShackFamily. This year instead of a family vacation all together I decided to spend time with each family member separately. A few weeks ago my son LittleShack and I went whitewater rafting on the Youghiogheny River (hope I spelled that right). A couple of weeks from now my daughter ShackEtte and I will be going to New York for a Yankees game. A little over a week ago I took my wife ShackWife out to dinner for her birthday. (She is now older than me until my birthday which is later this month). She and I will also be going to a couple of shows during the course of the winter. I have also spent a lot of time tending to the garden which has yielded, despite the less than perfect weather, a good crop of various vegetables. I had no luck with lettuce (didn't grow at all) or beets (only one of a row), but everything else was plentiful. The peppers were especially abundant. Also harvested plenty of corn, tomatoes, carrots, onions and zucchini. By the way the secret to zucchini is planting two plants and keeping only one. Even then, you may still have more than you want or need. The freezer is stuffed full, thanks to the efforts of ShackWife. Still picking some tomatoes, peppers and the last of the corn, but since ShackWife is back to work for the school year, am trying to keep amounts down. The wife and kids headed back to school/work today, and I have a couple of days off to spend with just myself. Look for more posts in the near future as I have some thoughts to share.


Jeni said...

Holy rip! Where do you have a garden if you're now living "in town" and in an apartment too? Sounds to me like you had a pretty doggone good garden going there though! Just think how good those frozen veggies will taste come winter - and how much it will save in grocery expenses too!

The Shack said...

Jeni, Our apartment complex has a garden area where any resident can have a plot. In addition I have a plot at the Tudek Community Gardens where they rent out nice sized plots for 35 dollars for the season. It is well fenced in so we don't have problems with critters getting in and munching on the stuff. It is just a bit difficult to keep it watered during a dry summer like this one has been. Shack