Monday, January 22, 2007

Still Getting Screwed

Over the weekend I spotted an article in my local hometown newspaper complaining that the gas prices there were the highest in that particular state. Mind you, they are nearly 20 cents per gallon lower than they are locally. This means that prices across the Buckeye State are mostly under $2.00/gallon. That's far lower than they are around here. So why are we still getting screwed by the oil companies. Prices of crude have dropped precipitously. Yet the price at the pump, locally, has only gone down 4 cents. Someone should take a car bomb to one of the oil companies and blow it sky high!

Better yet...I should just get a tanker truck, drive it to Ohio and fill it with gasoline, drive it back up here and sell the gas for $2.20/gallon. I could undercut the local prices and still make a profit. Maybe even enough to ditch my real job.

So Sayeth The Shack

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Jeni said...

Hey John, my son just got his CDL license about 6 weeks ago now so he can drive the tanker truck back to and from Ohio for you. All you guys need now is the loan for the truck, right?

That is ridiculous though about the difference in oil prices from one state to another - especially neighboring states as we are to Ohio. What gets me too, back when the fuel prices first started to come down in the fall, people on the writer's group I belong to who live in California were reporting pump prices as low as $1.60 a gallon and ours never dropped below $2.09 a gallon I believe it was here. What IS wrong with this whole picture anyway? Sure does make one wonder doesn't it?