Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I'm A Global Warming Whimp

Definition: Global Warming Whimp: Someone who, when the temperature actually gets down to "normal" thinks that is is darn cold.

Ok I'll admit, I have become a "Global Warming Whimp". I was outside walking this morning when the temperature was in the 30s and the wind was blowing. I had on a moderately heavy coat and a hat. Darn it felt cold!! The temperature was at or above average, but it felt nasty. The cold never used to bother me, but now since it doesn't get cold anymore, that is a different story. Is global warming making a whimp out of you too?

Or maybe it's just that we're getting older?

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Jeni said...

Sa to say it isn't it John, but yes, I do believe it is because you are getting older! Notice, I said YOU - not me. I have stopped aging completely mainly cause I am darned near frozen most of the time these days regardless what the temperature might be. Guess I am beyond being a "global warming wimp" then aren't I?