Saturday, September 10, 2005

If I Were Single

Today is the seventeenth anniversary of my wedding. Some married men wonder what things would be like if they had remained single. I can tell you, almost definitely, that if I had remained single, I would either be in prison or dead. Why? Because I have always harbored a great deal of hate and rage within me, as you might be able to tell by reading some earlier posts in this blog. Being married and especially being a parent has blunted some of the hate and rage, but make no mistake, it is still in there. If it were not for being married, the hate and rage would probably have led to me kill one or more people, or to commit some other horrible crime, for which I would likely be in prison...or perhaps I would have been killed by one of my intended victims. So, thinks to my wife (luv ya, honey) and kids (luv ya too), and the responsibility that I feel toward them, I am not in prison, and I am still alive.

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