Sunday, November 28, 2004

Fear of Queers? How About Fear of God?

In the week or so following the presidential election, I read many articles bemoaning the results of the election as well as the reason for them. Many people who voted for George Bush listed moral values as the top reason for doing so. So the writers of the articles indicated that people were perhaps more afraid of the gay couple down the street than they were of the terrorists plotting their next attack on out country....more afraid of the single woman across town contemplating an abortion than of losing their job to someone in Mexico or Bangladesh. I think that maybe there is something else going on here. In the Bible, there are many times that the lesson of "prospering in the land" as a consequence of obeying God and doing His will is taught. When the people of biblical times obeyed God, they were prosperous and protected from their enemies. When they became disobedient and rebellious, they lost that protection and prosperity. Could that be what is happening to the United States? As a country, we are becoming less and less obedient to our God. There is widespread corruption and we are allowing things like abortion and gay marriage as well as pornography. So we are losing God's protection (witness the terrorist attacks) and are becoming less prosperous (good jobs are going to other countries and we are left with the low-pay, low-benefit service type jobs). Maybe people are beginning to realize that if we put God and his law first, these other things, prosperity and protection, will follow. No, I am not afraid of gay people, nor do I hate them (at least not any more than anyone else), but I still feel that what they are doing is wrong, and that, as a nation, promoting and condoning the actions of this vocal minority is leading us away from the protection and prosperity that God can provide. Same with abortion, illegal drugs, etc. I am not saying that we should hate the wrongdoers, but we should not be encouraging or promoting their behavior by passing laws that allow same-sex marriage, elective abortion, and other things. Incidently, I voted for Kerry!

--So Sayeth The Shack

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