Thursday, November 04, 2004

Civil War Within a Decade?

Well, the election is over, and we all know the result. We have been admonished by the candidates and others to reunite behind our elected leader and give him our full support. But will this really happen? I doubt it. In fact, this country is so divided on the issues that there is virtually nothing that will bring us together, even a common enemy. After the World Trade Center attacks, we briefy united in consolation for the victims and in hate for the perpetrators. But that union did not last long. Over the past year we have been more divided than in almost any other time in this country's history. Unless our country is seriously attacked, I do not envision any unity of the citizens. In fact, I envision an eventual split into various factions and political parties with no cooperation whatsoever between them. On the one side, there will be the "morally upright" yet warmongering and big-business favoring Republicans. On the other, there will be liberal gay, abortion-rights furthering Democrats. (No offense intended to anyone here....notice I am dissing both parties equally). I can see the nation splitting as it did before the Civil War, but this time into a Democratic group of states and a Republican group of states. There may not be an actual war between the two, but a once great nation will be split in two. Perhaps it will be even worse...perhaps there will be more and more divisions until it is down to every person for themselves. Why do I have such a dim, pessimistic view of things? Because I have been for over four decades observing the behavior of people and have seen a steady trend for the worse. (See an earlier post, "Shack's Theory of De-Evolution"). I guess deep down I hope that I an wrong, or that I die before this happens.

--So Sayeth The Shack

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