Saturday, December 20, 2008

Digital TV

Unless you live in a cave in Aghanistan, and probably even if you do, you have heard about the government mandated switch to digital TV coming up in the near future.

Our local TV stations have been running incessant announcements as well as scroll bars during the shows about it. I really wish they would stop. There cannot possibly be anyone left who watches more than 5 minutes per month of TV who was not heard about it. Plus, as I understand it, it is only going to affect people who do not have cable or satellite. What's that, maybe 1 percent of the population?

Moreover, I hate the way government has mandated this change....again in usual way, forcing people to spend money to come into compliance with some law. If digital TV was so great, don't you think the people and the TV stations would eventually make that switch anyway?

As for myself, I have an old-fashioned (not digital, not high-def, not flat screen) TV that I bought about 10 years ago. Since it is connected to cable, it will supposedly keep right on working. But there is a small part of me that wishes it wouldn't. There is so little stuff on there that is really worth watching and of course I can definitely do without the advertising.

So Sayeth The Shack


Jeni said...

I've been following many of the broadcasts on tv about this digital tv switch thing too. Ok, supposedly, since I am definitely on cable here (would get nothing but snow here otherwise) I should not have to do anything -no converter boxes, no nothing else to do to the tv to make it work, right? Well, on a test they did on one of the local stations a couple weeks ago, they said at the onset that if you weren't seeing something but were seeing something else (ok, I'm forgetful here, which was which but you get my drift, I hope) then I should contact my cable provider because they apparently are not ready for the switch. I think I was seeing what I wasn't supposed to see -i.e. meaning my cable company wasn't ready I guess. I'm so confused over this. Got any further explanations, John?

The Shack said...

Supposedly some of the satellite customers "failed" the test a couple of weeks ago but you are the first cable customer I have heard of doing so. Supposedly it means they weren't ready at the time. The satellite people have said they will definitely be ready for the switch. As far as your cable company goes, who know? And good look trying to contact them if they are like most other cable or satellite companies.

You know it's amazing that when I was a kid, living about 10 miles north of Youngstown, OH, we could get stations from Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Johnstown, Altoona and even parts of Canada and West Virginia , right off the air with no cable. I really think the TV stations have severely reduced their broadcast power to pretty much force everyone to get cable if you want to get a picture unless you live right next door to them.

By the way thanks for the great Christmas E-mail!!

Anonymous said...

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I debuted mine today. :D