Monday, October 27, 2008

Road Trip

I'm a big football fan, but I don't go to a lot of games. Its kind of expensive, and most of the time you can see the game better on TV than you can from many stadium seats. But every once in a while I'll splurge, and this was one of those times. This past weekend my son and I ventured to Columbus to see Penn State beat Ohio State. We made a weekend of it, leaving here on Friday and coming back on Sunday. I rooted for Penn State and my son rooted for Ohio State (how he became an Ohio State fan, I really don't know...any more than I know how my daughter became a Packers fan). Anyway here are some pictures.....

This was the view from our seats. We were so high that we could almost reach up and touch the blimp.

We stayed at this hotel. The Crown Plaza North in Columbus. Very nice and I highly recommend it. The PSU team and coaches also stayed there. They arrived a little while after us.

The Budweiser brewery was right across the street from the hotel. How's that for convenience??
Also visited with a former roommate. His wife is a professor at Ohio State. He works for the University of Illinois. It's a long-distance relationship right now.
The price of gas in Columbus: $2.28/gallon!!!! Talk about a ripoff! It's cheaper everywhere than it is here!!!!!

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Jeni said...

Wooo Hoo, John! Lucky you to get to see the PSU/Ohio game in person! I actually watched the game on tv -first game I've seen this season. Don't know why, but couldn't seem to get hepped up enough to remember if Penn State's games were televised or not and if so, what time they would be on. Just a bit out of it I guess. But this was a good game to see!