Getting a seat in the Rose Bowl could be a difficult task but one man in Pasadena is taking all 92,542 of them. So when I tell you there's a guy a world record stunt on stadium seat sitting you might ask yourself several questions.

World record holder Jim Mouth says "Why? Because it was here. Because this is the granddaddy of stadiums in the world and the home of the Rose Bowl."

Jim Mouth says "I challenge myself. It's kinda like fasting but I fast as far as sleeping and relaxing. And I said I'm going to raise money for a good cause, I'm going to challenge myself; I'm going to do something I've never done before. That's sit in every seat in the Rose Bowl. No one's ever done it. And it took me 20 years to get the permission. And I'm jumping on it."

You might also think "what's so hard about about that?"

Well to answer that you've got to give it a try.

92,542 times under the Pasadena sun in July.

Jim Mouth says "your knees will go out because you're spinning on your knees. And you quads, right here on the top of your thighs. Are you feeling soar?"

So now you may just be wondering about this guy.

What kind of person does things like this?

Or one of his many other Ripley's Believe It Or Not accomplishments.

Like shoving the most cigarettes, cigars, french fries, hot dogs, straws or pizza slices into his mouth.

Jim Mouth says "and the 25 mile crawl where I crawled 25 miles on my hands and knees. And that was by far the most devastating on my body. This is number four. Number four as far as brutal. I jumped a parking meter 5,000 times. Past out twice."

You almost have to be a comedian to do this.

And Jim Mouth is a comic musician. When he's not sitting around, and around, and around.

Jim Mouth says "now you're slowing me up. I'd already be on the next row by now. You know that suit ain't going to be worth much after this."

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