Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Divisiveness Of Politics

It is amazing how much an election or political campaign can divide the American people. First we break down into Republicans, Democrats, Independents and a few other parties. The we have the "black vote", the "white vote", the "latino vote", the "Christian vote", the "Jewish vote", the "gay vote", the "soccer mom vote", even the "NASCAR vote" (please forgive me if I didn't mention YOUR offense was intended). It seems to me that one function of a leader is to unite the populace behind a common cause, that cause perhaps being the betterment of this country. But all we ever do is break down into groups...this group voting for this and the other for that. Many people vote based on one issue alone (abortion for example, or the death penalty, or gun control) and don't look at the overall big picture. The last time this whole country was united behind a cause was during World War II. Oh we might have briefly united after the 9-1-1 attacks but that didn't last long. So is there anyone who can get elected and actually unite the people of this country and take us forward.

By the way, my group is the bitter moneyless white middle class living paycheck to paycheck and getting shit upon by the likes of the oil companies and other big businesses (not to mention the government itself).

So Sayeth The Shack

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Jeni said...

Well in this instance Buddy, you know you are far from being alone. There's a whole lot more, just like you (and me) in this category.
It's a jungle out here, ya know!