Saturday, December 02, 2006

Things I'm Sick Of Hearing

We are all used to hearing the disclaimers at the end of advertisements. Things like "batteries not included", "shipping and handling extra" and "side-effects include....". One of these that I've really gotten sick of hearing lately is "well-qualified buyers". This phrase usually is part of an ad for a car. Judging by the numbers of ads for cars that are on TV these days (every other ad seems to be a car ad), there must be millions of cars out there waiting to be sold. But they only seem to want "well-qualified buyers". Just what is a "well qualified buyer"? Probably someone who doesn't really need the perks they are offering like zero percent financing forever or incredibly low lease payments or no money down. A "well qualified buyer" is one who is well enough off financially to be able to make a downpayment or pay a little interest. But they don't have to. What about the rest of us who aren't "well qualified"? We have to pay the interest, make a down payment or whatever. This is just another example of how the well-off in our society are catered to at the expense of the rest of us. So don't expect me to be buying a new car anytime soon, because I'm not "well qualified" So screw you, car companies.

So Sayeth The Shack

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Jeni said...

I'm not going to post a comment on each of your most recent entries - gonna make it here and let it do for all of 'em!

AMEN, I say, AMEN!

And another old adage comes to mind here too John - something about great minds and same thinking! Yep - you and I Buddy - two great minds for sure, huh?

That's my theory and baby, I'm sticking to it too! Anyone who disagrees with me(us) can bite me(us) -Right?