Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New Orleans--What About The Regular Folks?

So football is coming back to New Orleans. The Superdome has been reconstructed, well ahead of schedule according to the news reports. This coming weekend, two teams of greatly overpaid professional athletes will be there. Some highly overpaid entertainers will be there. And some fans that can afford to dish out hundreds of dollars to pay the overpaid athletes and entertainers and to watch the spectacle will be there.

Not far away will be homes that were wrecked by Katrina over a year ago and have not even started to be rebuilt. Not far away will be people with little or no money living in FEMA trailers, or worse, waiting for their homes to be rebuilt. And farther away will be people who left the city and have still not been able to return to a home and may never be able to do so. What about all of these people? It would have been nice to have their homes rebuilt, maybe even ahead of schedule. But no. They are not celebrities. They are not professional atheletes. They don't have money. So they just don't count.

Another example of the misplaced priorities in our society.

So Sayeth The Shack

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