Thursday, December 08, 2005

Should Rigoberto Alpizar Have Been Shot?

For those not following the news, Rigoberto Alpizar is the man who was shot and killed by air marshalls in Miami yesterday after claiming he had a bomb aboard an airplane. Turns out there was no bomb, he was unarmed, and he actually suffered from mental illness and had not taken his medication. His death is an unfortunate byproduct of the "war on terror". I am sure there will be a big outcry aabout this. Unfortunately, given the exact circumstances, there likely could have been no other outcome. The air marshalls could not tell whether or not the man was bluffing about the bomb. They had no idea about his mental illness. They had no other way of subdoing him without shooting. Perhaps the air marshalls should have some other means of rendering someone unconcious without having to kill them. Shack's opinion: In this particular case, there appeared to be no other choice, especially since he started reaching into the bag that contained the supposed bomb. Nevertheless, it was unfortunate.

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