Friday, March 25, 2005

We Are Being Distracted From What Really Matters

Who in this country decides what is going to be news? How does something like the John Peterson case become a national news story when there are numerous murders on a daily basis in most of our big cities, and none of them make the national news? I'll bet if you or I were murdered, the story and subsequent investigation and trial would not be on "World News Tonight". What about Terri Schiavo? I am sure there are other people on various types of life support around the country that get their "plugs pulled" and we don't hear about them. One evening this week, the Terri Schiavo story took nearly 15 minutes of ABC news. For one person!! What about Michael Jackson or O.J. or the baseball steroid thing? Again, way too much information about things that have little relevance in the overall scheme of things. How about stories that really do matter? On the same night that ABC news spent 15 minutes on Terri Schiavo, they spent no more than one or two minutes on Iraq and what had happened there that many had been killed. What about the situation in Darfour, Sudan? We almost never hear anything about that. What about plans for Iran and North Korea? How many people know that plans have been approved for oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? Yet most people, at least in the office where I work can tell you what happened on "American Idol" or Survivor" or any of the other stupid reality shows or in the Michael Jackson trial or the stupid basketball playoffs. All things that have no importance in the overall scheme of things. Are we afraid to think about or discuss the important things? Are the TV networks afraid to air these things? (maybe their ratings will go down...that's something to really be afraid of!!). We are spending too much time, energy and money on things of little or no importance and not enough where it really counts.

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