Sunday, August 29, 2004

Athletes in Advertising

The 2004 Summer Olympics are coming to a close. For the gold medalists, at least those from the U.S., lucrative endorsement contracts may be in the future. These athletes may soon be paid huge sums...millions of dollars, to advertise anything from cereal to athletic shoes to viagra. And whenever anyone purchases any of these products, part of the price that we pay goes to paying for this expensive advertising, whether we want it to or not. Bought any running shoes or other types of athletic footwear lately? Hah!! You could almost buy a used car for less. And the price is so high because...great athlete so-and-so is making millions to advertise it. And it isn't just Olympic athletes...many professional athletes, who already make millions just for playing a sport (that's material for another post) get paid even more for advertising something. And when we the consumer go to buy a product, some of that money goes to pay for that advertising. If we don't want to contribute to the wealth of some overpaid athlete or other celebrity, the only choice that we have in the matter is to avoid buying products that are endorsed by them. This may be difficult or in some cases nearly impossible to do, but if we are willing to take a little time to do some research, we can save ourselves some money and keep some money out of the bank account of someone who already has ten times more money that we'll ever see in out lives.

--So Sayeth The Shack


Hifzur said...


Though I agree with you that when we purchase a product, a part of the money goes to the athlete who endorsed it, I have a different view about increasing amount in the bank account of a sports person.
Yes, they do indeed make millions, but then again, they make that money because they have a skill, which ordinary people do not possess. They also deserve that money, because they are professionals, and a lot goes into becoming one. Imagine, if you have millions in your bank account, but you still have to hold back on having your favorite chocolates, or a nice carb filled meal, because they have to watch their weight, and hence their performance in their sport. They have to endure a lot of sacrifices.
Also, if the so and so athlete do not endorse that product, the product hardly gains visibility. Nike Air, increased its popularity, and hence its sales, because Air Jordan endorsed it.I'm sure there were other athletes as well, but you get my drift.
Your argument seems similar to saying, that you would rather not watch The Godfather, than let your ticket increase Marlon Brando's (when the poor man was alive that is) bank account.
Ofcourse, its a personal call, but, would you rather watch The Godfather, and see the classic, or just not watch it at all, and deprive yourself of a great movie. The same logic applies to the product purchases.

The Shack said...

Yes, they have a skill, but so do most of us. That is why we get paid to do whatever job it is we do. is hard work to become a professional athlete. I am just looking at from a perspective of whether or not they should be getting so much money...what is that skill worth to society? Should they really be making more than the best doctors, or the best teachers. These should be some of the highest paid people...not athletes. Oh well, I guess that's free-market capitalism for you!

Lül@ said...

hey i agree at some point, it´s kind of complicated but well... God gave us freedom, man is just to mean.
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Lül@ said...

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